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Accompanied by the conductor Gennaro Bianchi, the musicians of the Polifonia's ensemble have the opportunity to share their talent with other students. To take part in the weekly rehearsals of the ensemble it is necessary to be a member of the association, click here to register.

Student house - Leonardo Campus

The schedule of the ensemble rehearsals will be shared soon on our website and on social channels. For other information contact us by clicking here .


Aula Natta - 6.0.1 - Campus Leonardo


By joining our association, all students of the Politecnico di Milano are offered the opportunity to participate in weekly choir lessons surrounded by a community that shares a passion for music. Participants will be followed by Maestro Giorgio Brenna. No prerequisites are needed to take part to the meetings other than being members of Polifonia! Click here to sign up.

The schedule of the choir rehearsals will be shared soon on our website and on social channels. For other information contact us by clicking here .

Sign up to the choir reharsals by filling out the following form!

After verifying the e-mail address you will be redirected to the page for the payment of the six-monthly fee of € 10.00.

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POLIFONIA x teatro delle biglie 
Musical workshop

Sincroni graphics.jpg

Musical workshop in collaboration between Polifonia and Teatro delle Biglie

👉 If there is something that artist knows well, it is experimenting with notes, instruments or genres,
and dealing with something always new. What if this was the musical?
Polifonia and the Teatro delle Biglie, with the help of the Politecnico di Milano, present "Sincroni", the musical laboratory that invites you to try yourself at the extraordinary arts of theater and music.

During the workshop we will work on acquiring all the tools necessary to deal with the genre,
with ourself and with other people through free expression.
Is it therefore necessary to be an actor or a singer?
Absolutely not, only a minimum of experience in one of the two areas is required. The laboratory is in fact designed as an open space to welcome anyone who wants to try, providing the basis for developing new musical and theatrical skills.

🗓️ Every Friday (10/11 meetings). The workshop is entirely free.

Hurry! There are limited seats available:

For further information, do not hesitate to contact us, we are waiting for you!

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