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Explore exclusive agreements reserved for Polifonia members

Blue Note Recording Studio - Via Renato Fucini 22, Milano

Discount of €2.5/hour on the entire offer. To qualify for the discounted rate, it is required that half plus one of the session participants are Polifonia members: for instance, 2 people - 2 members; 3 people - 2 members; 4 people - 3 members; and so forth.

Banana Studios - Via Luigi Mercantini 16, Milano

Get a 10% discount on the basic room rate and a 15% discount on all recording studio services for all student members of Polifonia. To take advantage of the discounts, at least one attendee must be a member of Polifonia.


Remember to keep your digital membership card handy at all times!

For additional information, contact us via email or through our Telegram channels.

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